I have my eyes on 2 guitars, but suggestions are appreciated.
Currently I play pretty much anything, but mainly metal (old metal) So I'm looking for a versatile guitar within the price range of 700.

I like thin guitars and thick necks.
Gibson SG faded. perfect match. Then I saw the price fo the DBZ imperial, and now I have to have a debate.
Currently I am searching for the right sound. My lineup is an ESP viper 400, Epiphone les paul standard goldtop (humbuckers), and a Jackson DK2M.

The Jackson is so far my favorite, and plan on keeping it as my main guitar, but I need something else for other sounds. I love the sound of Seymour Duncan pickups.

please, any help would be great
ESP Viper 400

Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro

Dean Edge 5-5 String bass

Alvarez AC460

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Goldtop Limited Edition