I read an article w/ Rusty Cooley and he mentioned something about adding 'machine gun harmonics' to spice up your playing. Well I cannot seem to find anything regarding these harmonics anywhere other then this: In Van Halens 'Somebody get me a doctor' a prime example occurs at 2:08. Well my crappy iphone makes that bit sound like its just palm muted. Can someone offer any assistance on technique and what kind of sound im going for as opposed to natural or pinch..whatever. Thanks for any assistance. (i cant play the file on http://truefire.com/list.html?store=audio_lessons&viewauthor=3715&item=6775 but it would be nice. Damn iphone.
Dude, youtube?


Looks to me like he's hammering and pulling off withhis left hand, an then running the palm of his right hand (maybe jus a finger) down the string, and this ceates lot of harmonics at all the different nodes, check it out for yourself if you can, you'll see what I mean
Yeah i wish. Iphone compatable youtube vids are a dime a dozen. Your explaination seems logical. Next time near a comp. imma watch that for sure.