I really wanna play some Korn (mostly Evolution), but I only have a 6 string and I don't wanna buy a new guitar. Is it possible to play 7 string songs on a 6 string?

Well yeah you can, all you would have to do is look at what strings they use when they play that song and then just tune your 6 string guitar according to what they use regardless if they dont use some strings but it is possible. So basically all you gotta do to play some korn songs on your 6 string is tune it to the strings they play and the rest just tune it normally. So to play evolution on a 6 string tune it to A-D-G-C-F-A and your all set to go.
Hope this can help
It's possible, but down-tuning so much (A standard in the case of Korn) is going to call for beefier strings - that is if you want the same sort of action/tension as your standard set in E standard - and a professional setup to allow the guitar to withstand the stress.
A gauge of 13 to 14 is likely necessary to hold a comfortable amount of tension in such a low tuning, and a set-up is absolutely necessary to cater for this change.

Alternatively, you can learn the songs in standard tuning, and when it comes time to play along with the track/backing/band, down tune to the required pitch - though you'll have some very floppy strings for the time.
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