hey everyone...

i'm the lead singer in a pop punk band, and i was wanting to know of some effects i can use on my vocals to make our songs a little more progressive. most specifically i wanted to know how to make my voice sound like it's coming from a phonograph, but really anything punky would be great to know.

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autotune... meladyne... and of course you could just add the effects to the vocal track before mixing it together.

What you're looking for is simply a lil distortion in your voice with maybe a lil reverb? Try editing the vocal track with those effects and then see what you think...
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if your just wanting it for recoding there are plugins that mimic phonograph sounds. live I'd just say get a phonograph if you don't already.
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for the phonograph effect, I would suggest a bandpass filter to cut the highs and the lows off, then add a bit of reverb, there's also a free plugin called iZotope Vinyl that mades to emulate various phonograph/gramophone sounds. Another effect to look into would be vocoding, which is extremely versatile, auto-tune is actually a vocoder with pitch recognition slapped on top of it.
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I don't know what DAW you're using but, alittle distortion (A tad man, you don't want to sound like a guitar--or maybe you do) + Reverb + ALOT of mids winding down on the highs and very little low via multi-band compression, 7 band EQ, whatever you like. Lot's of compressors and EQ's come with presets like "radio" or "Telephone" that might be good starting points.