I've just started to notice this recently, but when i crank my deluxe reverb to the point of overdrive, the low end seems to be causing a kind of "vibrating" or rattling noise in the amp, anyone else ever experience this or know what it could be? I'm worried it might be the tubes rattling around, which is almost certainly bad.
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does the sound come through the speakers at all?

I'm not totally sure. I guess it does sort of, but its only when its VERY loud, and very bassy. sometimes it's hard to tell if the rattling is coming from the speakers, or if it's coming from the fact that its shaking the room lol
If it has an extension cab out (I'm sure it does) try hooking it up to a cab with a long cable and see if it is coming through the speakers. If so, they may be microphonic. Also try tightening as many visible screws as you can and if comfortable screw the rest too.