This is a thrash metal song..a fast one. It is about a musician who has an important gig, but his band doesn't show up. Instead, Satan himself appears and scares the musician into thinking that he'll fail. The Devil tricks him into selling his soul for musical talent, but the musician becomes Satan's slave. The song is basically about how Satan can trick people.

What do you do when you wanna crush 'em
But no one is there
You need someone, someone who'll fight
Someone who'll stand there at your side
To do some evil, to do some right
To help you steal the light

Tonight's your night, a most important night
What can will go wrong
You gonna cry, you gonna die
Then they gonna eat you alive
Maybe you suck, maybe I'm right
Maybe you'll stink the night

You are man and I am the Devil

Only one way to not fail tonight
Make your soul all mine
Have the power, you got my word
I can offer this and much more
Hand it over, and hand it fast
You are mine at last

You no longer live by an honor code
You do as I say
Follow commands, follow 'em right
You gonna feed on blood, alright
Kill 'em with fire, kill 'em with sand
Kill 'em as my right hand

You are man and I am the Devil


Outro Chorus
I am the Devil...and I am your friend
I am the Devil...Satan is my name
wow, never knew jack black had an account on ultimate guitar...
Tom Morello -
Every day on the street I have people coming up me and going, “Dude, I kicked your ass at Guitar Hero!” I’m like, “Yes, it’s a video game. You should get out more.”

^^I guess that's pretty bad then

No problem though, my lyrics are always silly.
The idea is good, but I think the lyrics lack structure, maybe do you have a backing track?
I do agree with Xiepie. The idea is a very interesting one, but the execution could have been a lot better.

One thing I would have liked to see is the musician struggling with the decision of selling his soul. The way the story seems to go, the protagonist is just like, "well...selling my soul probably won't have a lot of negative consequences." Which leads to the issue, why is this show so important? I can't believe it is that big a gig if his bandmates didn't bother to show. I would have the devil promising the musician fame, fortune, chicks, ect.
You said the moral is how the devil tricks people into doing his bidding, but this is kind of a basic way of telling it. He really didn't get tricked into anything. Getting tricked into his bidding would be something like if his new found playing actually awoke the evil in peoples' souls. In that sense he is aiding the devil, but he does it through what he loves. In your story the devil just lied to the guy, and the moral is "don't trust the devil". It's an equally valid point, just not what I was hoping for.
You're chorus needs more than one line. It's also a little bit empty. What does it actually add to the the story? We know he is the guy is a man. I suppose it doesn't explicitly say it is the devil before this point, but I think it could be added in more subtly later on.
I did like the way your song flowed. I can easily see it working out well in the a song structure. Except this line:
I am the Devil...and I am your friend
I am the Devil...Satan is my name
It both doesn't fit well in the sense that it does not roll of the tongue, nor does it fit in the confines of the exposition. The devil is clearly not this guys friend, he pretty much dicks the musician over.
It's a cool concept, and I think it's got some promise. I would just revise it.
One more thing:
"Maybe you'll stink the night"? Really? Who would actually use this phrase?