Well I might get involved with a project in the near future, and I honestly haven't touched my guitar gear in a while, I still have yet to get a pedal because I've been satisfied with the distortion that my mesa combo tube comes with, but i'm wondering if I should invest in some pedals since I'm gonna be getting some money for christmas. I was thinking about a delay pedal since I plan on writing some melodic stuff and that would be a nice effect, but what about distortion? Would a metalzone pedal be overkill? What would ya'll suggest?
Metalzone would be WAY overkill. Those are all bands that don't use a lot of gain. 2 of those 3 (Thrice and Emery) run Line 6 M13's. Emery's guitarist runs a Mesa Lonestar Special and a JCM800. Dustin from Thrice runs an AC30. Teppei runs an AC30 and a Fender Bassman. The key for those bands is overdrive, not distortion

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