Ok, Im getting to that point where I need something better than a Line 6 Spider to gig with. Atm ive been borrowing a bugera off our frontman (he plays guitar in another band) that the lead guitarist usually uses and the lead guitarist has been borrowing a valveking. It was nice playing live with both, but Im not sure what one to purchase.

For instance, the valve king seems to be louder, beefier, bassier, whilst the bugera was more trebly...

we're a metal band btw lol

if i could get osme help plz
I would pick the bugera, but that's suiting my music. What kind of metal band? For anything modern voiced, bugera.
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i would go with Bugera. i have the valve king and after trying the bugera, i wish i had gotten it instead. but of course the bugera came in to the store months after i bought the valve king. either way Bugera sounds superior imo
bugera plus eq pedal= dreams come true for metal guitarist on budget
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cheers guys, also the whole bands insisting i get a noise supressor...what budget ones would do the job? lol im tempted to go with a behringer or some sort, but if not, a Boss NS2 would do the jobby!

cheers again guys
The NS2 is going to be much better than any Behringer pedal you can get. People say they suck lots of tone, i'm tempted to think they just don't know how to roll back the threshold knob
MXR smart gate > NS2.

And definitely get the 6260 or 6262. A Valveking will only sound truly good after some modifications.
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MXR smart gate > NS2.

And definitely get the 6260 or 6262. A Valveking will only sound truly good after some modifications.

You really liked the MXR over the Boss??? I liked the ISP over the Boss but I thought the MXR was worthless.

I agree about the VK though...seems like the Bugera would be better for what the TS is looking for.
the MXR Smart gate works really well, i found that the NS2 did nothing for any of the noise, and colored my tone a good bit...and it wasnt because i was using it wrong..haha. i use the smartgate pedal version most of the time for local gigs and all. i have the older rack version of it as well, that i take with me on the road for quick setups.

but yeah i would go with the Mxr Smartgate or the ISP decimator. the NS2 is still an option, but alot of people say it either works or doesnt do anything...but thats just my opinion from YEARs of playing/touring and working in the studio i work at
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the mxr and especially the ISP seem abit to high on my budget im afriad as i need to get a wireless system too...hate it when i go mad the lead comes out lol
ISP decimator g string>mxr/boss/behringer etc.
The G string will allow you to kill noise from the front end (and bases the gate on the guitar, not the amp gain stages) AND kills the pre-amp noise as well (you run it through the front and AND the effects loop at the same time). Completely transparent to your tone.(unlike the boss)
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The Valveking is a bit like the Peavey XXX with two fewer gain stages. It can do metal well, but it needs help to get there (OT swap, circuit mods, new speakers) whereas the Bugera can do it right off the bat. Just be careful with the Bugera, as they're still somewhat unreliable because of the chance you might get an old stock model.
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Get the Bugera - and if its too treble-y grab a 10 band EQ and scoop those mids baby!

And make it more trebly? How about turning down the treble knob on the amp..? You know, to reduce treble.
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And make it more trebly? How about turning down the treble knob on the amp..? You know, to reduce treble.

Even as that, like in general, the valveking overpowers the bugera with its bassyness but the bugera is louder and trebly :S lol anyways the other guitarist is getting a valveking, so yeah looks like ill be getting the bugera (diversity in the tones) then a 10 band eq pedal is in need