This movies looks pretty sweet. It's james camerons first movie since titanic. Apparently the special effects are the greatest ever. The previews look amazing. I plan on seeing it IMAX 3d. Can't wait! Your thoughts?
I got to see some of it at an IMAX 3D. It looked incredible. I really hope the story is as good as the special effects though...
I really don't see what's so special about the special effects. I don't notice anything ground breaking. Anyone care to explain?
The plot is probably mediocre, but I'm seeing it for the visual effects. I really wish people would stop saying that it will have the best effects ever, because then a lot of people will be disappointed. I'm seeing it purely for the lush scenery and new 3d effects, not expecting much from the dialogue or plot.
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This is not what i expected
Who knew Nickelodeon could make a decent action show?

Anyway, my Film Production class is taking a field trip to see it. We're going this Friday, which happens to be opening day, at the very first showing at 10 am. Also, we get to see it in 3D. I'll post back here with my opinions afterwards.
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