Alright so I want to start and the type of tune Im going for is most def for electric, but I like some of acoustic songs also, like Nirvana unplugged type stuff, but then I heard its always better to start acoustic because you can learn the chords and basics of the guitar, then move to electric.

but then I also heard most people who start on acoustic get bored really fast and end up quitting

can you guys chime in, what do you think is the best choice for a absolute beginner?
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Buy a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS for your first guitar.

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This thread would be better suited to Guitar Techniques than The Pit.
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Whatever you want actually. I started on acoustic. Doesn't mean you have to. Of course when I started electricity wasn't invented yet. (Just so I get there before you assholes)
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i started electric and i talked 2 a guy thats played prob lyk 30 years and he said that if u start acoustic ur gonna get bored and wanna quit. hey wat about an acoustic elctric and wen u do buy a guitar dnt waste ur time and $$$ go straight to musicians friend.com trust me
I think acoustic is better to start out on, simply because it's easier on the fingers. Good way to ease into it.

Might I point out that acoustics are generally cheaper to buy than electrics (and amps) which is why many start there. Those who 'get bored' probably didn't have the drive to keep going with music to push through the difficulties of learning. Some people start there just to see if it's for them, because it isn't for everyone.
Electric, you're gonna have more fun with that...
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Electric, you're gonna have more fun with that...

thanx, I figured that, I mean I know myself, if acoustic starts to bore me Ill probably give up playing forever, I just want to stay entertained so I can keep practicing

but then I keep hearing acoustic is perfectly simple and it doesnt drown out your mistakes like electric

Acoustic. It will force you fingers to get stronger, make you develop the callouses quickly, then an electric will feel like heaven.

EDIT: Also, it's easier to hear your mistakes on an acoustic, so you'll make sure you make yourself better.
I've been playing electric guitar for five years, and I'm only now starting to seriously play acoustic. Its definitely a trip. I kind of wish I would have started with both actually. I feel like I would be a more rounded player.
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thanx, I figured that, I mean I know myself, if acoustic starts to bore me Ill probably give up playing forever, I just want to stay entertained so I can keep practicing

but then I keep hearing acoustic is perfectly simple and it doesnt drown out your mistakes like electric

But a clean electric will do the same thing for your mistakes, and even distorted electric will amplify certain mistakes.
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Whatever you want actually.

That's the ticket there. Whatever you feel would interest you the most, do that. Neither is better than the other for learning on.
I say get whatever you think will hold your attention longer. If you like acoustic stuff then get an acoustic. If you think playing an electric will make you play more, then go with that. The only poor choice at this point is to not get one altogether.
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If you have enough money, start off with an acoustic to build on your finger strength ( ) since it's harder to press down with. Once you think you're good enough, buy an electric with a decent amp and start shredding.
My brother started with acoustic and I started with electric. We both started at the same time, and he's much better than me nowadays as far as technique goes.

I think the reason is that with acoustic (and especially if you're a beginner), it's really hard to make the guitar sound good (choppy playing, sloppy transitions, strings seem harder to bend as opposed to electric, etc). Because of this (and considering that you have the patience to learn), learning chords and techniques are more painful on acoustic, but more rewarding as well. Although problems such as choppy playing and sloppy transitions can still be present with electric too, you can use distortion, effects and gain to hide some of your technical flaws (not to mention that the strings are typically slinkier on electrics which make them easier to bend/easier on the fingers).

I used to play electric a lot while occasionally dabbling into acoustic, but as of recently I've made the switch and now acoustic is what I mainly play. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my technique and ability ever since I started regularly playing acoustic. I really regret not starting with an acoustic
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for absolute beginners:
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I would say that you start acoustic.

-It costs less money
-It is harder on the fingers, but it's worth it when you swicth to electric.
-The action (how high the strings are fret board) is higher, so when you switch to electric you'll be golden.
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Get both. Although acoustics might be better for an "absolute beginner" as you don't have to worry about your tone, or pedals, or vibrato bars and all that stuff. But it's also more difficult to make the notes ring out clearly at first. But electric will be the same, it just takes a bit less pressure than acoustic so the difference might not be noticed by you!

I vote acoustic!
I started on acoustic. I learned open chords and my fingers and wrists definitely got stronger playing on a guitar with action a mile off the fretboard. I also became very proficient at finger picking. However, once I got my first electric, I never looked back and have been playing electric almost exclusively ever since.
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