So for christmas I'm getting a new bass head and I had the idea that instead of buying a cab right away I would convert my old Peavey TKO 65 amp into a 1x15 cab so I could save up and buy a decent 4x10 or 2x12 to go along with it. Pics below

Head removed

The 15in Black Widow speaker, it was alot heavier than I expected

I then wired the speaker to a 1/4 audio jack

I didnt have a drill bit that was the proper size for the output jack so I drilled a big one and used a CD as a plate to hide the hole

Speaker back in

Final Product! An old amp I wasnt using just saved me alot of money.

I still havent thought of anything do do with the head though
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I have the same amp and I want to use it as a cab (amp has multiple points where the ground has become . . . ungrounded) with my recent Hammond conversion, but I don't want to take the speaker out because it's an old amp and the speaker bolts are stripped and oxidized, but I need to know if this is an 8ohm speaker. I have the one you have, with the not-shiny dustcap, mine looks exactly like yours. Is it 8 ohms?