By the end of December I will have around 800-900$ and there is a store nearby that is selling a 6505+ head for like $800 used, I will also have enough to get another guitar for around that price. I was thinking about the ESP EX standard edition because I already have an LTD Ex-50 and love the guitar but could use an upgrade.

I talked to my local ESP dealer and he said the EX is no longer in production but will be soon, the ESP site says anything in the catalog is in production including the EX. So if anyone knows anything about that it would be appreciated.

So my original plan has been to pick up that new head to go with my Kustom Quad JR half stack ('tis a fine amp but lacks for metal) and just use the new 6505+ with the Kustom cab (it has Celestions of some kind), I will eventually get another cabinet to use with the 6505+ like a mesa recto cab or something.

So basically what would UG recommend for someone with 2 years experience?

A) Buy the 6505+, use with Kustom cab (would that work well?) and save for mesa cab
B) Use the amp I have and buy the ESP EX?

Thanks in advance.
6505 is a fine amp, and would yield you the biggest difference in how you sound. the kustom cabs aren't bad. the celestions they load them with are kinda bottom of the barrel celestion, but they're still not bad, and the cab construction is good.

guitars are what they are, if its what you really want, you should go for it. if you just kinda want it.. then.. wait it out. something nicer might come along.
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Less your neck is a piece of 2x4, you always go amp first.
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Thank you good sirs, I will be going with the 6505 first.
This works out well, cause my tone will be great and I can wait till the ESP standard comes out.