Yesterday I traded my Marshall 3310 head and a Boss ML-2 Metalcore pedal in to a local guiter shop, and got myself a Squier Telecaster. It's one of the Classic Vibe models, made in 2008. It has the white semi-translucent paint job. It's gorgeous, and I wish I could post pics, but my internet connection is so slow right now it took me 10 minutes to load this page.
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classic vibe squiers are quite nice guitars.

im posting this pic for you so you don't get flamed for not being prepared for class today.

not his, but close enough for a ngd.
HNGD, I'm looking forward for some actual pictures.

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I love those pine-bodied beauties. They sound biblical (which isn't something I'd typically say about a telecaster) but, unfortunately, don't play nice with my hands.

All the same, I'm jealous! HNGD!
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