anyone got any? i feel like expanding my music library even more than it already is

and on another note i would appreciate it if someone tossed some indie bands my way
check out animal kingdom, debut album this year and are unrecognised brilliance

check out the songs Two by Two or Signs and Wonders to start off
Guitar - The true Religion
check out :

"level 5 song" by hong kong blood opera

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I voted "evolutionism", though. Cuz you know... it's sciencey.

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We were all created by God...
As Monkeys...
Then evolved.
End Debate.
Project Komakino
S.C.U.M (their myspace is sommit like scum1968, iirc)
Coin Under Tongue
Hatcham Social
These New Puritans
Ringo Deathstarr
Memory Tapes
True Womanhood
Neils Children
An Experiment On a Bird In The Air Pump
1000 Robota
The Ruling Class
Magic Wands
Lung Rotter and Seven
Selfish ****
Screen Vinyl Image

And now, you are cool.

This thread is silly to me tbh. Indie and alternative is vague as shit. Give some bands you already like.
if you want suggestions, go to the Alt/Indie Essentials thread. however, judging by your list of favorite bands, your tastes seem to be much more suited to modern rock.