Okay so I have a project guitar Im working on, its an old washburn strat copy. I've gutted it and I have it painted and everything now its down to the electronics.

First off I want to go with Dimarzio pickups, Im pretty set on a Super Distortion in the bridge and I want to put an air norton in the neck but Im wondering when both are turned on will the super distortion overpower the air norton? or is there a beter neck pickup I should go with?

As far as a switch Im thinking just a switchcraft 3 way. For Pots I'm thinking 500k 1 volume 1 tone with the volume being a push/pull knob for coil splitting.

I was wondering about the copper tape, would that help or should I go without it?

And lastely I've never wired anything, my friend can wire anything but has never worked on a guitar so Im looking for a good wiring diagram (I know to look in the wiring thread but I havent found one for this set-up)

Any help is greatly apreciated and thanks in advance
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Well my friend not sure if the Air norton would get drowned out by the Super Dist. but I doubt it I mean it's still a pretty good output machine. I have the single coil version in my Jackson and that thing is warm and full sounding. Since you are going DiMarzio I believe the have wiring diagrams on the page for the various setups if not maybe Stewart Macdonald or something like that I know i've seeing wiring diagrams on the web somewhere. the soldering for pickups is really pretty easy as long as you can do basic work. can't tell you about the copper tape that's more for sheilding I believe if you catch alot of interference on it magnetically I believe. good luck man.
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It's hard to believe you can't find a diagram for that

Assuming that the guitar in question has 3 knobs, my suggestion in your case would be using a 2 volume, master tone setup so that you can dial in the difference between the Super Distiortion and the Air Norton to your liking.

This would also give you 3 pots that could possibly be used as push/pulls.
3 switches, combined with a 5-way super switch (as opposed to a 3-way switch) gives you forty possible switch positions.

You can do pretty much anything with that.
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