Hey everyone, I have noticed that when playing my LP Menace series with "490R and 498T Smoky Coil” pickups that they are pretty 'hot' and cause a lot of feedback when using my peavey 5150 combo. The guitar is set up in drop c and i like to play a lot of hard rock and metal and prefer a dark, thick and bassy tone. My problem mainly with the pickups is that i get a lot of feedback and they seem to have a lot of treble. As well when im playing i feel like its hard to do pinch harmonics for some reason and im unsure why this is (in comparison to my Godin Freeway Classic) would anyone know why? (if i turn my NS-2 up anymore then it kills my tone too much and its already near 75%)

would changing pickups help me out here or not? i was thinking Duncan SH-8's (invaders) but i hear they are very high output, so would this continue to give me the problem im having with lots of feedback? (the reason i was looking at Invaders was because they are more of a thick and dark pickup with not very much treble but would this be a bad match with my LP Menace?)

Sorry for all the questions, thank you in advance...
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Have you tried turning your gain down on your amp? If I'm remembering my friend's 5150 correctly, 7 on the pre was a shit-ton of distortion.
i have but unfortunately i like having lots of distortion and i wouldn't like having any less than i have now. even when playing clean the LP distorts a bit when my Godin does not.
Having the pre-gain at 7 on a 5150 is absolutely ridiculous. Turn it down, nobody needs that much gain.


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There are a lot of artists who use more distortion than I do...

Perhaps if I tell people that on the clean channel my godin does fine but my gibson distorts would this drive people away from how much distortion i use on the lead channel? Essentially there is a difference here in feedback between the two guitars. Perhaps a pickup change is in order... what pickups would be good for heavy rock yet not feedback as much? In looking at various ESP/LTD guitars that have SD's (passives) I notice the Custom 5 (SH-14) or JB are the ones they use, which would be a better choice in a les paul and would they perhaps fix my feedback problem/distorting on clean channel issue?
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