The first instrumental song that I learned.... its a beautiful song... and not really an easy to play... haahah

Its been so long since I last played this song...

So check it out here... and give some critic... and if u got urs feel free to gimme the link... I will check it out...

I think your tone was pretty good but there were some major tuning issues, and some of the faster parts were sort of sloppy. Other than those things, it was pretty good.
good job man. never heard that one by him. the quint/septuplets werent that bad either, better than what i can do. and i loved whatever you did to the video. made the guitar neck look sweet and your fingers easier to see. and i never figured out what you were hiding.. unless it was the lingering people.

sorry no real review, just commenting.

PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
I thinks its a good cover... awesome song... I learned this song before and never really finish it...

What r u hiding ??
quick question... how did u record to get that kind of audio quality??
That was pretty good man. Couple things you gotta work on, i recommend you find some exercises to sync up both your hands and individualize each note when doing those fast picking runs. Watch your bends, sometimes there's some unwanted string noise when you release them. Other than the tuning issue, I'd say this was a pretty sweet cover man. Nice guitar tone and you definitely got the feel in there.

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