In profile. We recorded these songs for a demo, just trying to get some local gigs.
Acoustic guitar and vocals (me) with congas (bandmate).

Probably not the songs I would have chosen to do a cover of if I didn't have to give the recordings out to bars and such, but I like them. Hate on song choice if you must

Looking for critiques, especially on vocals, and on overall sound.

C4C, just let me know where.

How did you mic the acoustic? I think it needs bringing forward in the mix a bit, especially in Hey Soul Sister. Maybe put a few mics on it (if you have them) and mix them together?

I'd say a bit less reverb on the vocal, sounding just a bit too obvious in HSS again. Good performances though.

How did you record these?
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I close-micd the acoustic with my Shure SM58 (only mic I have)

It's a little too late to mess with reverb and levels and such... I recorded the guitar and vox at my place, mixed them down to an audio file and then the percussion was added over that audio file at my bandmate's place. I'm not too worried about it as it's just a demo and i don't think it's a make or break thing... unless I am wrong? Thanks for your advice though, I'll take it into account for future recordings.

Recorded the vox and guitar using Cubase as DAW, and a Lexicon Lambda as interface. The percussion was also recorded on Cubase, but he has a more intricate mixing board setup.

Thanks again!
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Nah, I wouldn't say it was make or break. Just small things really.

Did you try different mic positions on the guitar?
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Not really. I tried further away and closer, simply because I thought further away might reduce pic noise, but it didn't really. As far as different positions in relation to the neck, etc., no i didn't.
I did double the guitar track, pan each to the left or right, and create a slight time difference in hopes of achieving a fuller sound.

This was actually the first time I've ever micd an acoustic. Usually I just do DI, but was advised to try mic-ing for a more natural sound.
That's cool, the more experimentation the better. I also mic'ed an acoustic for the first time the other week. Luckily we had lots of mics available in the department at uni, so we stuck 3 on it in different places. Wish we'd had more time to experiment though.
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"Slide" is really good, I liked it....the vocals were really strong. Like some of the other have mentioned before......the acoustic guitar didn't sound as clear and transparent as I think it should. What I mean by transparent is that just like the vocals......it should give a sense of being in the room with you. Clearly, the vocals were like that, but the guitar wasn't.
Other than that, nice work..........

"Hey Soul Sister" That's another one that I really liked the vocals.......very clean and strong.
Same comments about the guitar here. Also, I thik one would sound great with a full drum kit.......instead of the congas.....

Great work.....keep them coming!
yea definitely tweak the recording a bit, especially on the guitar, but great vocal work all around, i really enjoyed it. care to crit the stuff in my profile?
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Thanks for the crit on mine! You've got really nice vocals and the drums really give it a cool feel. But the guitar definitely needs to be mic'ed differently, but other than that, I loved it.

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