ok this may be a stupid question about my pedal but

is it my technique or my pedal?

ok now that title may make you want to just go,
"it's you not your pedal, and i could normally agree"
however, i was using my Boss loop station (the medium size one up from the starter)
and whatever i was playing sounded really bad my palm mutes were not coming through at all.
now it was not just my amp and my loop it was my amp into loop station into an MXL 991 into my mini mbox2 so i could anaylize my playing. but when i plugged in my loop it got feed back, and my playing also sounded worse after what i played played back through the loop station, so is it my loop station or is it my playing.

also my amp has an effect loop system in the back but i've heard the looper goes through the front of the system not the effects loop. could that be the problem with the feedback
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I have that exact pedal. You know the knob on the top right that controls your instruments volume? Turn that up almost all the way. If your using distortion and dont have it up all the way its like your volume knob on your guitar is turned down, your sound will have no balls.
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