hey all!

just a quick question, figured this was easiest place to find an answer! hah my buddy and i both have a couple line6 pods and I was wonderin if there was a way that we could both play together, but online? we both live sorta far from each other so gettin togethers not always an option hah figured, hell this is 2009, there's gotta be a way! haha any ideas or anythin?

Ninjam, google it.


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There are ways, but like said there will be lag.

An mp3 or something works, because it's a set package of data in code, but playing "live" means 1000's of different data packages a second, hence the lag.

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my friend and I jammed over skype despite a .5 second delay. Just get used to it not sounding good.
Using MSN is the best way IMO if you're just "showing off" stuff to an other guitarist.