This piece is of the utmost bad-assery. The only flaw I found was the absolute overwhelming use of diminished this, diminished that. Although to a certain extent it truly makes my ears cum, some good contrast with something more melodically natural/diatonic can really stand out. I would really love to hear a recording of this regardless.

If you wouldn't mind critting my own... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1245406
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one of the better tech death songs I've heard in a while, the only problem was that u had some parts repeat way too much.
The riffing style is like Advanced Corpse Tumor by Necrophagist. I hate it.

Joking, Im pretty impartial towards it, Besides that they repeat too many times. Sounds just a bit too much like through-played Necrophagist songs for my liking.

Ive only got Midi ATM, so I can't see how to play this, but It was alright.

An Impartial 7.5/10. Good composition, But I didn't really have an opinion.
Too repetitive i was over the 10-13 sweep thing pretty quickly but i can see someone liking this song alot
Starting off man, if you're using triplets on guitar, why not use triplets on drums for the fill? It can work sometimes but right off the bat like that it sounds rather chaotic.

I'd say man honestly up to now the only part of this song I find really appealling would be bar... 82 stuff with the punches... the rest works man, all the notes are placed right and the sweeps are in key, the riffs are fast and brutal, the drums blast the **** out of everything, you got interesting rhythmic ideas throughout, the stuff is tightly written and all that but... there's no feeling, anywhere, it's basically always the same mood which is, well, absolutely no mood, it seems overly cold and soulless, and I suppose some of this technical music is meant to come across that way but... I just don't much see the point in it.

Bar 232, actually sounds rather bad with the single note melodies, I suggest modifying that a bit, on the other hand the fading in and out runs afterwards are one of the coolest parts of the song...

Also... this song is damn long man for this kind of music, maybe it's just me, but I feel like it gets rather dull to listen to... good rhythmic ideas, good structure, good harmonies, but I suggest working on better melodic content personally - this really isn't my style of tech death, I prefer stuff like Gorod's new album. Perhaps you can listen to it, it might inspire you!

Also, I'm sorry for taking so long to crit back, holidays and all I've been partying way too much
I quite like this. There were a few points. It was like... a constant climax. No build up, no pause, no tension/release. But oh well, that's a problem too much of techdeth has. Also, so much of the composition revolved around diminished chords and arps that it got cumbersome. Maybe mix the whole diminished thing with a minor or harmonic minor feel? I'm sure you could break out of that diminished rut in a billion different ways. Also, I think you decided to repeat a large part of the song halfway through. That was tiring. If it were short or had something new added to it, it would be ok to repeat it. But it was just plain old copy paste repetition. It works sometimes, sadly imo, it doesn't here. The fadeout was also a bit too long but that's not too much of an issue.

As negative as that paragraph may sound, no your song isn't all bad. It is quite enjoyable. And being a fan of techdeth, it makes it even more enjoyable. it fulfills the criteria of good techdeth, just doesn't go too far beyond that. You know, making YOUR own kind of techdeth as opposed to more generic techdeth. There were parts that I loved, the most memorable one being bars 78-89. It was the first and only change of pace in the entire song. And a very welcome and much needed one.

Alright, I'd write more but I'd start sounding redundant. So I'll stop here. C4C? First link in my sig.