I recently acquired a very cool cigar box guitar. It has a really nice, unique sound. Love it.

The only problem is that, here and there, I get a little rattle that comes from where the lid of the cigar box meets the main box part of it. It's a regular hinge style cigar box. I wondered if anybody had a tip for this.

I was thinking of putting a very thin strip of cork tape around the perimeter, between where the the lid meets the box... out of sight. Then sanding the cork tape for a custom fit. Not sure if this will work and I wonder if something like cork tape will absorb too much of the resonance.

I know cigar boxes are a little weird but, any thoughts?
If you don't need to get back into the box to repair pickups etc , maybe just glue the box shut. Use wood shims inside to align the two edges.
My electric CBG's use screws to hold them shut. I screw through the top into a wood block glued to the inside of the other side. Good luck.