So I've came to the conclusion that I hate the current tone I'm getting from my Mesa.

1. I don't have enough time to sit an tweak it since I'm extremely busy most of the time

2. I'm also too lazy.

So if you know of a great Mesa setting please let me know.

I play tuned to A and it sounds like Whitechapel but different.. We are much much groovier.

Right now (don't quote me on this cause I'm no where near my case) I have my

Presence - 6

Master (depends)

Gain - 6-7

Bass - 5.5 (due to the boom generated by the Vaders)

Mids - 4-5 (I have to set the higher than I'd normally have, also due to the Vaders, they have a very scooped mid sound (or at least in my opinion))

Treble - 6-7

This is for the 3rd channel on Modern setting.

Also, I'm not really that lazy, I just haven't had a lot of time recently to spend by myself working on it's tone.
I'm just looking for some advice on some possible setting that I can use at this weekend / next week's shows and see what it sounds like
Hopefully after the New Year I'll have enough time to actually sit down and find that perfect tone for me.

Ask the settings thread? or the mesa owners thread?
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i just checked his prfile, he has a dual rec solo
Can we erase the past?
To allow our dreams to forever last?


Mesa Boogie Mini Rec 25
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cab

Jackson DK2, DK2M, DKMGT, SLAT3-7, DK1
Oh yeah.. I forgot that.

I have a Dual Rectifier solo head.
I use a Jackson SLSMG Soloist
2 Vader 4 x 12s
and no effects for this band.

I'm looking for something kinda wet, but not overly saturated..
Plenty of low end and not too much treble, just enough that it sits well in the mix and enough that soloing doesn't sound like poop.

Quit posting, get tweaking.
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Well IMO, it's clear that you don't like the tone your Vader cabs are giving you so get a Mesa cab with V30's. I think that would allow you to boost your bass and scoop you mids with getting too muddy.
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It's hard to tell what settings you are using because Mesas don't have numbers...

Here is how I have my Single and Triple set...
Lows, Highs and Presence - 12 o'clock
Gain - 1 O'Clock
Mids - 3 O'Clock

You mentioned your Vaders being very scooped cabs. Thats might be part of the problem. IMO, Rectos don't get along with scooped cabs at all (like the Marshall 1960). It needs very middy speakers like V30s to really shine.

Also, use channel 2 on Modern. Much less mushy and fizzy sounding than channel 3. Are you still running the stock tubes?
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Vaders are pretty middy IMO, atleast mine is. I have to SCOOP my mids when i boosted them with another cab. Seriously though, grailtone is the best place to get started
I just replaced the tubes back in May with Mesa tubes.
I'll check out that website and search around on it a bit..

My band(s) central area is about 40 minutes away.. I drive a tiny car and can't fit anything in it so I just leave everything there. Plus I suck and still live my mother, and by the time I get home from work she's resting and I can't exactly tweak.. I could put my effects loop to 0 and my master to 0 and she can't hear it but I'm not exactly getting a tone at all then.

TheRectified, I'll put your settings on my channel 2 this weekend and I'll use it for the sound check and first song and see how I like it. Hopefully so.

I built a cabinet with 2 Vintage 30s and 1 Eminence Legend 15.. I'm waiting on the grill so when it comes I can put everything in and I'm hoping I get a great sound out if it.

To think11270, I used to have one, it gave a great tone, but I sold it and got the Mesa... Part of me wants to get the 5150 III like they are now using but I for some reason part of me is saying never do it because it's a Fender... We (the band) are really good friends with Brandon Cagle (old whitechapel guitarist, until he was in a wreck) and next time we go over there I think I'll just load up everything, start playing and tell him to find me that perfect sound.
your settings are going to need to change depending on ALL of you gear, and the room in which you are playing.
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you may want to just get a different amp

why is the 5153 out of the running because it is made by Fender?


If you haven't tried the 5153, then don't immediately discriminate against it because of who makes it. That's just stupid.
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I dunno really..
I'm sure it's a pretty awesome head and well built, but for some reason I can't bring myself to buy it..
I think it's because every fender amp I've ever played, the gain sucked... Granted they were not high gain heads.

But, I'm looking for some more gear, if I sell some of my older stuff, I might just take a cab to Guitar Center and play around on one.
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but they have a bunch of different settings, try some and find something you like the best with that vader- and maybe tweak it and make it your own.

If all else fails, get a 5150 III like Whitechapel

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get it mod'ed by fjamods.com?
or some other mod'er
i think eurotubes.com has suggestions somewhere on his site... or it might be another tube-dealer on the interweb.

i'm using a mesa v-twin (which is basically the pre-amp section of the dual-rec) into the front end of a mesa 50 caliber+
i have to play at bedroom levels, but i can get a kick-@$$ tone and distortion texture, and pick sensitivity, and punchiness
i just turned down all the mids
i usually have them all boosted
and i turned up the volume, cuz there was a pretty big drop in loudness

and lo and behold...

i found a brand new KILLER tone
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its a mesa - before you can really know how to use it, you have to tweak - it should take around a year before the amp is sounding good.

If it takes you a year to get a good amp to sound good, urdoinitwrong
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