It's time to get a new amp for christmas, and i've basically narrowed it down to either the Vox AC4 or the Epiphone Valve Standard and both are exactly the same price (VS is on sale).

I mainly play classic rock, or rock in general, such as Led Zeppelin, so I basically need a crunchy kind of sound - there is no need for super high distortion or gain, as I do not play metal or anything like that, and effects such as reverb are not overly important to me.

I'll be playing it with a Brian May Guitar, either at home or just at small jams with friends so needs to be able to be played at low volumes but also have some potential to be cranked. I have played the AC4 but only at low volumes and I loved the sound, but I havent had a chance to play the Valve Standard and may not be able to before christmas.

Which amp should I get? Thanks in advance
The AC4 won't keep up with a drummer. If you're going to be jamming with a band then you'll need something louder.
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i would say the ac4...but,yeah,if you're going to jam you'll need smth louder
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the AC4 will love your guitar - my advice is buy the AC4 head and the best cab you can afford - I'd say with a 2x12" or 4x12" you'll be able to get a good classic rock crunch which just about clears a drummer. What's your budget for the whole amp and I'll find the right cab for you!
I've never tried the vs, but the AC4 is a really fun amp, lots of character and the built in attenuator is a great feature as well. With a 4x12 it should be loud enough to get over a drummer, although this depends if your drummer is a tickler or moon-esque loon
Seing that video put me off the Valve Standard a little... Jonas Brothers... Really?

But my budget for the whole amp would be about NZ$800 at a stretch, I live in New Zealand so stuff can be pretty expensive out here. Both the AC4 and the Valve Standard are $700, I think the head/cabinet is around about $800 or just over that.