hey all, im new to the forums but it all looks good so far
just a quick question for anyone with info, ive got a Boss ME20 multi effects pedal, which i LOVE, however, recently ive found its been getting a strange signal through it on the higher gain OD settings, particularly the Metal and Distortion settings (especially on high single notes).

it is not just a hum, it is like a whole other signal being put into the pedal and it sounds like a hum that is behind a phaser (its oscillating). i have turned off all other effects and it still persists and i have deduced that it is not my amp or guitar as i have heard the noise using two guitars and two amps.

thanks in advance for any help you can offer me, cheers
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Unfortunately, I cannot seem to think of one simple thing that would fix that. I'd contact Boss or use your warranty.

Possibly it is is your AC power adapter / and or try the pedal on a different outlet all together. If you can plug headphones into it, see if you can hear the noise that way too. What about recordings, does it come through if you record strait to PC with it.

A different guitar through the Boss does the same thing and both guitars are well grounded? Does the pedal have a built in noise surpressor?