Sounds pretty good, mate! Like the guitar tone, like the vocals, like the guitar solo. The song could use a bit more dynamics, especially in the vocals, though... and overall, I think the vocals are a bit too low in the mix. The quality is very good, close to pro level. Keep it up!

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I have studio phones in, mix sounds fine to me.
Like the lead, and the breakdown/bridge or whatever at 2:45 was amazing, towards the end, the stop, sounded a lot like connor from brighteyes, which i really liked.
For some reason reminds me of cage the elephant.
Pretty awesome.

Here's mine if you wanna take a listen, but no obligation:
nice one.. I love the song's groove... make me wanna sing along but dunno the lyrics... the solo is awesome too...

some part of the song(vocal) sounded like matt bellamy singing.. ahahahha

nvm of that... This song ROCKS!!!

check out mine if u got some spare time..

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As the drums came in, I started to tap my leg, nice beat man! Vocals are very interesting, not exactly my cup of tea, if only you added a bit drive to it. But besides that, I really like this piece, good solo to go along a good riff, I picture Buckcherry would do something like this, and those slow vocal bends really reminds me of Muse . Very interesting piece.

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Thank you very much guys I will crit everyone of you when i get home! Its the very first time I sing actually for real haha Glad you liked it, I think I will continue to develop my singning after this
Nice, very nice, glad to see some Europeans makeing good ole Rock n' Roll. The quality is great, sounds professional. The tone is epic, everything is on time, voice sounds very american, very rock n rollish. I think your going to go very far in the music world if you keep this up. I actually want this song on my MP3 now. I give a 5/5 for awesomeness.

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