Being in Britain, I cannot get the Acoustic so I can't rate that.

However, I have the GK and it is all shades of awesome for the price.

NEVER EVER get a Behringer. Ever.
I have the Acoustic B115 and it's pretty great. The guy at guitar center put some really expensive mesa boogie's and mark bass heads through it, and we cranked the bass, detuned the bass and tried to bottom it out.. it wouldn't even phase it. We even got it pretty loud and it wouldn't work.

I think you'll be safe with it.
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Black people play bass.
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Nevermind, that's a stupid pun for Australian pyromaniacs.
Just forget I said anything.

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On playing bass.
Behringer BRX1800H
Acoustic B115
Asher Custom 2x10
Don't buy the behringer, for the simple fact that it's behringer.

The other two should be pretty decent