hey guys

are there any cool shred guitars for under 600$ that have no inlays?

just like this

that's pretty much the only thing i'm looking for, the shape, bridge, color, fretboard, brand is kind of irrelevant, i just can't find affordable guitars without inlays or very small ones.

oh god, caparisons are so delicious.

I think kramer will have some of what you are looking for.
With $600 you could do what 80's rock guitarists often did, meaning hotrodding a stantard stratocaster.

But yeah, Kramers are worth checking out. If you wait and get more cash, the Charvel SoCal guitars are as close to 80's superstrats as you can get, and you can get them in white with maple fingerboards with really cool, black dot inlays.

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i dunno about hte inlay bit but the Jackson DK2M would suit you fine or any Kramer or Charvel.

Though for your budget I wouldn't know how many guitars that don't have inlays but check out the Ibanez RG550
Why no inlays? Cause it looks cooler if u can play without them?
Cmon...they make the fretboard prettier
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i already have a dk2m but the neck doesn't look and feel as good as those =[
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i already have a dk2m but the neck doesn't look and feel as good as those =[

Doesn't look quite as sexy as well. Mmmm Devil's Tail headstock.
Is that Michael Romeo's rig?
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Is that Michael Romeo's rig?

Should be like who else would have 4 of the MR Sig guitars.

edit: Whoops made a mistake these are 4 custom shop instruments given by the word Dellinger on the headstock. Given that there are no other Dellinger's with maple fretboards these would need to be a custom shop guitar.
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If you wanna look cool, put needles in your eyes and play.

I don´t follow the logic. Maybe people just like the look of no inlays?

Personally my eyes get confused by inlays and can hit shifts faster without them.
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Cmon...they make the fretboard prettier

Not necessarily
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Not necessarily


A good looking species will only look stupid with inlays in it...the simplicity of no inlays is a much classier look by far.

TS, like everyone mentioned, check out Charvel/early Jackson, Kramer, and also look into earlier Ibanez RG guitars and their recent reissues. They made some serious maple fingerboard shredders, but they did have dots...at least they weren't shark fins or what have you. Also, on a more "lofty ideals" note, why not head over to the GB&C forum and learn to build your own shredder? $600 could get you the materials you need to build a phenomenal guitar to specs of your choosing, much better than anything you could ever buy for that amount.
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If you wanna look cool, put needles in your eyes and play.

haha thanks for the new sig buddy
and on topic,
you could try and mod a strat like a dave mustaine kinda thing.
thatd be super cool
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If you wanna look cool, put needles in your eyes and play.
yeah i guess the best way to go is to build a super strat by my own =D thanks
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Evidently you've not heard of Kramer.

Anyway, 80's shred style guitars with no inlays? I think the only way you'll get that is either Carvin or Warmoth.
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There happens to be this small music store about 20 min from where I live. Not one "name brand" guitar, but the place is stocked with all these 80s shredders with crazy neon paintjobs. I've only been there once, but I distinctly remember a "supertele" that had a 3 color
neon green-neon yellow-neon red/pink gradient w/ humbuckers. 'twas eye-burning.