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What does the Pit think of people who have achieved fame/infamy by manipulating the internet and the people who use it?
Bands like Metro Station become a hit on MySpace then came to be a more popular pop punk band once they got their record deal.
And Susan Boyle, the hysterical person she is, got big due to her talent on YouTube same as Justin Beiber

So...what do you think? I suppose to like be funny or what?
Didn't Susan Boyle appear on Brittain's got talent, wasn't it THAT what made her famous?

The top subscribed Vloggers aren't really that funny..
It makes me happy, cuz it gives me hope, ismfof's success stories pretty cool, they got so popular so fast as the calvary kids, myspace thought they hacked their plays and deleted them.
It's great that anyone can be famous on youtube without an agent, talent etc.
meh its a good way to get noticed by big labels, I mean look at the urgh... Arctic Monkeys
without Myspace they probably wouldn't have got anywhere
Smosh, Fred, and anything remotely happy and funny needs to die immediately.
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mr chicity is the best person on youtube

I prefer David Spates, though.

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Smosh, Fred, and anything remotely happy and funny needs to die immediately.

If you find Fred funny, you've got problems.
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Shane Dawson
And KevJumba.

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Nuff said

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You beat me.
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Youtube Stars=Pretentious Attention*****s.

Except for that makeup tutorial girl-she´s hot.
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Some of them are rubbish. Some of them are lame. Some of them are great. That's the internet. That's the world.
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I laughed when he was amazed by the bin, that was funny
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Haha, that was also what I was thinking. xD
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i don't really discriminate on my youtube tastes, but nigahiga is the unfunniest shit ever. Along with fred and that one ****ing fruitbowl with the long hair.
There are some pretty good Artists on youtube. They deserve to get noticed by Major Labels. I think David Choi has some amazing songs. Oh, and Fred and Shane Dawson just suck ****.
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Chocolate rain is the most boring song I've ever heard.

Of course it is. It's amazing because that little dude's voice was so deep and buttery


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Of course it is. It's amazing because that little dude's voice was so deep and buttery

seriously, he's like a grape on a toothpick
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