one of my bands recent compositions...dont knw bout u but i think it sounds good...C4C!!!

its not yet complete..waiting for the second solo!!!!
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how about posting in your profile, not everyone can open that file type here

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Wow dude I really like that, really nice riffs, just has that great melodic feel to it. Good work!
Guitar Pro :O

This kind of song always have the same sound/melody to my ear... ahahah Not a fan or melodic metal...

but still.. This song is not an easy to play I think.. judging by the tab of course... The one thing that I really like abut this song is... the fact that the solo is not complete... Im imagining all this crazy solo from the guys like A7x into ur song.. and it sounded AWESOME...

do post the complete recorded song here yeah... would love to know how it end....

C4C? Maybe not the kind of music u like... its an Instrumental...

You definitely have the formula to make a melodic metalcore song in C minor, but try to innovate a little, like the guy above me said, is a little bit generic, try adding a breakdown, or maybe a chorus if it's melodic, or even an acoustic part , i don't know, but try to make your own style...

I liked the riffs though, the only thing is that I get the feeling that I've already heard it, if you know what I mean

Anyway, C4C??

I think you'll like it
Good stuff Lewis and playing it is loots of fun lakini iko na riffs mob sana next time punguza kiasi!