(original owners pix)

Foxrox Zim with T9 B9 H9 T+ Cards-Essentially mint condition, $280

Boss Rc-2-Near mint condition with a few very minor blemishes near the bottom of the pedal (bad picture, I'll upload a better one later)-$135

T-Rex Fuel Tank JR-Great condition, includes box and manual-$75

Celestion G12T-75-Great condition-$60

Boss SD-1-Great condition,includes box and manual-$30

Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable- Brand new 3', Neutrik Plugs, $50

Custom Switch/Tap Tempo Box-Includes 3 tap tempo switches that could allow you to sync 3 tempos on 3 pedals all in one foot motion. Can also be used to control an RC-2 or as a footswitch for the Fractal Audio Axe FX (external switches, only 2 can be used)-$40

Raveonguitarworks "The Mini" Pedalboard- Brand new unused, measuring 7" x 22" the 3/4" edges have aluminum valence for durability and professionally finished. -$20

Vintage MIJ Green Label Boss CE-3-Good condition (consider the fact that it's something like 20 years old)-$55

Custom Green Sparkle BYOC Wah-Great green sparkle shell, BYOC wah doesn't currently function (did at one point) probably an easy fix but I can't figure it out. $80 (a steal for the shell let alone the circuit)

M-audio Expression Pedal-Mint condition, jack added for external cable-$20

Digitech Whammy-Great condition, includes box/power supply, doesn't return to original pitch completely (VERY close though)-$110

Custom Japanese Apartment Style True Bypass Looper-Tiny enclosure, dual LED's, a few blemishes-$40

All prices are shipped/paypal'd/firm/no trades. PM me with any questions.

For the Whammy, have you tried recalibrating it? Press and hold the footswitch while u connect the power adapter into it; one of the led lights should turn on, meaning ur in setup mode. Move the treadle completely forward, then back, forward, back, and then press the footswitch again.

Try it before you sell it, might work.

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How many ohms is that G12T-75?

Haha... JUST kidding. Just saw it in the picture... I was looking at this through my phone earlier so it didn't let me go to link