There's a talent show coming up at my school. My friends saw me play before and they want me to go up there and play.

So to keep you from scratching your head:
-2.5 years of experience
-At about intermediate level
-Nirvana, rchp, and sublime are main influence, but not the only.
-I live in Hawaii (middle school level) so idk if a lot of people listen to rock, or metal but my friends, and my english teacher do.

My most fav songs I play are Seize the day (a7x), Under the Bridge, Californication, STP, Santeria, Badfish, Heart Shaped box, SLTS, Lithium, In Bloom.

But i would also do other songs, cause I do a lot of othere genres I am too lazy to post.
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I'm sure I Cum Blood will win any talent show... =P

Actually, it could as long as they don't hear the vocals!

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Sounds like you've already got a bunch of songs you could play. If I were you, I'd play Santeria, but that's only because I worship that song. Fantastic solo too.


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If you can sing then you can do an acoustic version of Under the Bridge
sing/guitar Judas Priest - Painkiller. Lyrics and overall brutality of the song guaranteed to win you the talent show.

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All You Need
Superstar Punani
STP (As you mentioned)
What I Got
All Same In The End
Don't Push

Rape Me
Heart-Shaped Box
Mr. Moustache
Drain You
Territorial Pissings

Any RHCP songs that you want.

Hendrix (John is influenced by him, might as well do him)
Wind Cries Mary
Purple Haze
Hey Joe
Little Wing
Castles Made of Sand
Foxy Lady

Steppin' Out
Sunshine Of Your Love
White Room

Foo Fighter songs are good too.
I won my school talent show doing Born Under a Bad Sign by Cream. It is very easy and shouldnt take long to learn. Also wanted to add Pool Shark-Sublime and Spanish Castle Magik to the list of options.
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If I were you I'd do Californication but add that sweet part at the beginning when John played it at Slane Castle. It's not that hard, either.
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Police and Thieves by Junior Murvin.

London Calling by The Clash.

I could name a hundred others that would win for you
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Creedence Clearwater revival cover... It rocks like shit and old people love it ... Born on the Bayou .... or "have you ever seen the rain" ... or Who'll stop the rain" .... which i think is a cover from that canadian guy ... um ... niel young i think ... but anyway yea ... by youself ... singing a cover of Who'll stop the rain .... the economy being the way it is ... you'd be a shoe in ... thats only if you can sing alittle tho ... if not ... get a buddy to sing with you... and before you knock it ... Kurt Cobain loved Creedence ... so does dave Grohl ... so that should settle your little grungy head...

EDIT: oh and how the hell did i forget Lodi ...
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if your in a punk band just do like Lars and Tim in rancid and scream like you got marbles in your mouth.

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well its kinda hard to do solo electric guitar and sing without a band. i would always reccommend acousic if your just one guy and singing....unless your going to rip a crazy solo as your talent.

are you singing with it? just playing?
I have a week left to figure out what song. my friends want me to do either unholy confessions or seize the day by avenged sevenfold. I'm not sure though
just pull out some necrophagist and melt the faces off of whoevers judging your contest
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