Hey all, I'm shopping around for an American Strat, the guitar center close to me has an American HSS and Standard strat for $1000 a piece. Pending the condition and age how everything feels, do yall feel thats a decent price for either one?

If I were to try and talk them down on the price what would be my main points ect?

Anyway, thanks for the help.
Could be cheaper, try and bitch and moan about every little flaw in it.
Amazing, back when I started playing guitar a new American standard was $700. Nowadays they're $1000 used? Jesus christ.
What year did the price go up? If the used one is before the price increase, could I argue that its only worth $700 or so?
waaaaaaayyyyy overpriced. american standards are $999 new in box. wtf gc?

just buy a new one.

pm me for details.
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all american standards ive seen on the web or gc have been $1200+

yea i just noticed that. that's awesome for me. i can sell a number of standard models at $1099 and $999.

replied to your pm.