Hey, I'm trying to get a recording of me playing along to a backing track, or to a rhythm part which I recorded, and I'm having a real problem with lining my effects unit into my computer. Because of the lag, it sounds like I have an even worse sense of timing than in real life

I've tried using both Audacity and Reaper to no avail. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this?
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I don't know that there's anything to be done if you're trying to listen to it through the computer. The computer can't process, record, and play what you're doing in real time. What I would do is play the backing track through your ipod or stereo and record your part, then import the backing track and line them up.
I even have this problem when I'm not enabling playback (of the track I'm recording), while I'm recording. Would I be able to solve this problem by having some speakers or an amp or something attached to the Pod?
also in reaper, set the record monitoring to off. its the button right under the arm for recording track.

although i'm pretty sure these are off by default, it may have been switched on by accident and these always have some amount of latency.
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