Was sitting about an hour ago playing TF2 and i got a text message asking me to ring Royal mail to arrange my start date

Quite happy i must say.

I've rang the number twice now but there is no answer. ( its 5:48pm here)

Im assuming its becasue they are all away home for the day?

Anyone else manage to get a job before xmas? its only 3 months but i couldn't care, its de monies im interested in
Yeah, although it's not an xmas job. workload generally decreases in the lab in December rather than increase.
Quote by Minkaro
I'm almost certain job only has one "b."

Not on his resume:

Hello. I think I am very qualified for any kind of classy JOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
these are the past JOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBs I have had in the past. Please take them seriously:

Watch Maker: This was a very good JOBBBBBBBBBBBB to start off with, as I learned how to use my hands to fix things. I managed to always do a good JOBBBBBBBBBBBB.

I also worked for Steve JOBBBBBBBBBBBs once. He's nice.
See, TS, this is why some people get longer lasting jobs. They spell job with one 'b'. They don't try to sound like some wigger/rapper/chav who drags words out just cuz they can. You don't steal my time like that, jerk. Have a nice day.

Did I drag my words out anywhere, btw? NO! I don't think so.
Sounds pretty awesome. I'm still trying to find the motivation to make a CD. I get to my address and then just get bored and do something else. Come to think of it, maybe it's a good idea for me not to have responsibility ...