I've sanded back my guitar, and I need naphlah, the local hardware stores don't have it, or haven't heard of it. What could I use as a substitute?
Most hardware stores have it. I think Wal Mart even has it down the road from me.

It shouldn't be hard to find. Where are you located? Do they know that you're talking about a solvent? It would be right there with the alcohol, thinner, etc.
I'm in Australia. I tried Mitre 10, which is pretty big. I explained to them what it was, and it's primarily used as a fuel. So I'm going to have to use something else, unless I order some off the net, but I don't think I can import chemicals.
I Googled it, and it's also known as "Shellite". Are these the exact same thing, ot is it a similar thing?
Mineral Spirits should work, you might get lucky with Lighter Fluid also. It's more or less the same thing as naptha.
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