So I ordered some EMGs for my guitar, an EMG81 and an EMG60. I emailed the guy and he told me they are waiting for the 81 but could send a 81X at the same price as the normal 81 (they are like £15 more expensive).

Now i've done a little research on it but from what I can tell there isn't really much difference between the two except less output on the 81X and smoother mids. Have any of you tried it 81X? If so how does it compare to the 81?

Also, i'm still getting the normal 60 as far as I know but the 81X is solderless and uses a different tone pot so would the 60 still work?
For metal I like the original EMG 81/85 combo wired 18V. The new X series tries to achieve the same increased dynamic headroom that you get from 18V on the originals, but at 9V. Good idea, but I haven't tried one and have no idea how it worked out.
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the 60 is also solderless

My bad

But still, they use different pots to the 81X so i'm not sure how it will work out
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Has anyone tried the 81x yet? I have yet to see any on any guitar, so I havent tried them, but I hear that they sound much more alive then the original and are much hotter using just a 9 volt mod.

Yea I've only heard them from Youtube vidos so it's not the best way to test them.
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My bad

But still, they use different pots to the 81X so i'm not sure how it will work out

Nah I think all EMG pickups now use the entire solderless concept. So you may be safe with regards to that.
I recently bought the 81X and compared it to the 81. You'll find some official reviews on the internet that basically say the X's have more headroom, higher out-put, and more organic sounding. This is all true. I noticed when playing the X's they seem brighter, especially when playing some heavy metallica style rhythm; it sounds like there's more tremble and less bass, little more agressive sounding I think. So for rhythm I liked the X's better for that reason. That also comes out, of course, for lead too. The biggest difference I noticed about the X's while playing lead was that its easier to get more tone out of the guitar, maybe its more sensitive like a passive. In regards to more headroom, it has a more open sound; meaning, the 81's sound a little compressed compared to the X's, as if you rolled down the tone knob a little...

Also on the clean channel I think it's easiest to notice the difference in tone- Playing single notes you'll hear that tone difference. Its cool that X's will sound a little more like an acoustic, but while playing single notes I didn't like the tone because it sounds a little hollow, or kind of piercing. The two pickups sound different, but I wouldn't say the 81x is better. For my purposes I like the 81 better on the clean channel because it has a more compressed sound.

I hear a lot of people compare the X's to the Blackouts. That's a good comparison. I would say its almost like X's are a mix between the Blackouts and the 81's. So if you're somewhere in between wanting blackouts and 81's maybe the 81X is for you.

I bout the 81X because I thought it was an upgraded version of the 81. To be honest, I was kind of pissed off because the differences in tone are not what I wanted. So I went back to the 81s.

That's the best I can describe the new X's. I wouldn't say the X's are better or worse, just different. Depending on your style you might prefer one over the other, but if you already have a pair of 81's I would suggest not spending your money to get the 81X unless you have a very specific reason. You could probably tweak your amp, or gear to get the same results. I'm no expert, this is just my opinion and what I've noticed. I hope this helps.