Hi guys,

I could really use some help/advice here. A friend from work is buying a guitar from me and he needs it tomorrow as we finish up then for christmas. Its an Ibanez GRX70 electric Metal Style guitar. Here's the problem..

Its never been used much and it played fine until I put new strings on tonight. I was in a rush and changed them all at once. Major mistake I feel. Now its a nightmare/impossible to get in tune. The low E and A strings also buzz quite badly. And that's not all!! When you play the strings really hard there is fret buzz but also a sort of what I can only describe as warped/reverberating sound coming from the body. This is with the guitar unplugged. So my question is this..

Is the guitar broken/finished? If not, what could I adjust? I have the correct tools and its pretty easy to adjust the truss rod if I loosen a few strings. I'm really desperate here. The moneys not an issue but I dont wanna let my mate down as its for his son and I'm leaving him a bit short.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you guys can provide.


Are the new strings a lighter gauge then the originals? Did the saddles move and too low?
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Dont worry man, you didnt mess up anything. I change my strings by takeing them all off and usually leave them off for an hour while I clean up the fretboard. But buzzing on the fretboard is typical of electric guitars when you play them acousticly. And of course there going to buzz when you hit them hard! Everything is perfectly normal on your guitar, untill you plug it in, then if you have any problem like excessive fret buzz when lightly hit, you have a problem.

Your guitar is perfectly fine, so I wouldnt freak out.
You definitely didn't break your guitar. My guitar which doesn't have a floating bridge has the same problem, after changing the strings I have to spend a bit of time stretching out the strings and getting the tuning right, and the frets buzz a bit for 2-3 days. I'd say it's a normal problem, tell your friend about it and if the problem isn't solved just give him refund.


He you adjust truss rod make sure you are tuned to pitch use only eighth or less turns straight edge to check accuracy. Good luck
Yeah, try plugging it into an amp... Chances are, you won't hear the buzzing sound... Electric guitars and basses sound buzzy when unplugged...

It's not a great idea to take all the strings off when re-stringing, though, because that can really mess up your intonation and action. The strings keep the neck taught on most guitars, so when you release all that pressure, chances are that it won't return to the way it previously was. That's why the neck looks warped/non-straight on some guitars that haven't been set-up properly...

Hopefully you won't have any of these problems. If you kept the neck supported while restringing, that would help... If not, a set-up at guitar center or any local music place isn't too expensive, and they would fix everything like that for you if you don't want to risk doing it yourself. Hope this helps!
The buzzing will go away in a few days so don't adjust your truss rod just yet. Many people change their strings by removing all at once vs one at a time and this allows for cleaning the fingerboard and conditioning the wood if ebony or rosewood. It deosn't hurt your guitar to do however, with the strings off, there is no pull or tension to fight against the truss rod and what was relief with the strings on now becomes back bow (not sure of term) and the relief doesn't come back right away. Some people mistakenly blame the strings for this.
As for tuning, yes as many have mentioned, you need to stretch the strings (gently pull on them towards the bridge). This not only streches thes trings abit but tightens the windings around the tuning posts more which also helps.
Moving on.....
Guys, I just wanted to say thanks, not only for the wealth of (excellent) advice but also the speed at which it arrived. It is much appreciated! I've decide to just give the guitar to my mate.. I've told him he can mess about with it and see what happens. I wouldn't be playing it anyway. Having read this (and some info on adjusting the truss rod/saddle), I'm pretty sure I could set it up myself now, given the time. Thanks again.


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One more thing..

The new strings I put on are super light. Any recommendations for what may be a suitable gauge of strings? Also, I'm not sure if the saddle has moved but it can be adjusted with a screwdriver at the bridge. There are 6 screws, one for each of the strings. Its a floating bridge if that helps..



P.S. Generally speaking, I only play acoustic now so I'm not really up to speed with the whole world of electrics..
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