this is a thread that you can use to disscuss The Mars Volta, if you write your favorite song or album, you should explain why just to make the thread run more smoothly, if you write a comment about someones choice, make it a constructive one. If you dont know the song, album or live show or whatever go and listen to it if you want to comment about it.

Quote by Stugg334
I just started writing a metal solo, and so far I have:

*Hit Lead Button On Mesa*
*Spread legs to width of 160cm*
*Perform facial expression akin to that of having a woodpecker chip away at your rectum*
*Practice scales*

My greencaster =)
I love this band .. mainly their first 3 albums. I was not a fan of Goliath and Octohedron was terrible. I think I have this opinion because I was expecting Octahedron to be entirely comprised of songs like Televators, The Widow, or Vermicide and it was actually very dull with no real guitar melodies in sight... Favorite song? Not sure ... Probably roulette dares or part I of cassandra
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