Ok so here is my new song , and its finished now.

First off , i want to thank everybody that critted on my work in progress on this song in my other thread , i made some changes here and there and added a few things and it feels more complete imo.

Keep in mind that this was made with RSE ON , so it may sound unbalanced in midi since i didnt optimize it for midi.
The Holy Crusade.zip
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After some adjustments to make it listenable with midi, I'd say it's a very good piece. The only problem is that 6 used guitars blur everything. There's just too much going on in various places. I liked the cross-fade idea and the pre-verse riff coming after it - a very nice melody. Because of high overall volume level the drums are really underpowered and the line is too complex at some places - simple steady beat would make it heavier and more pleasant to listen to in places like verses. Btw - the 46-47 "distortion" riff sounds really cool. Some bridges sound too repetitive (63-75).

Another advice - if You want to orchestrate your pieces, try working on it much more - simple string chords make it just annoying after some time. It was ok in the beginning of this track, but you could just drop them for some parts of the song or add some melodies here and there.

Your track is very melodious and goes on really well, but because of its "epicness" there is no real "earworm" to get in and not get out.
I really liked this ... after I muted out the distortion guitar. I found that once you took out the distortion guitar the whole piece was less cluttered and I could hear what was going on more. Once this was solved it was a great piece to listen to.

I listened all the way through and really enjoyed it ... top marks from me!! :-)

Not much of a crit I know but apart from the distortion guitar there isn't anything I would change!

If you could have a listen to evening sunshine (link in my sig) that would be cool.
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Just pointing out some general issues with this song.

Intro was great, liked the melody in the beginning and the buildup worked well.

In the whole song you're using too much keys for my taste. if you just add strings for the sake of it they are rather a turn off. Octaves are good in some parts, but you really use it too much.

Why do you have to repeat every part in that song? For an 8 minute song you really have very little actually going on there. 10tracks and 8 minutes don't make a good song.

There's nothing wrong with the chord progressions and the melodies, I have to say I rather enjoyed the listen which surprises me because I'm not really into this epic kind of music in general. The problem is just that it soudns like backgroudn music to me, nothing you would actually listen to in the first place. Nothing in this song stands out, just 8 minutes of chord progressions everyone can enjoy.

At bar 108 it felt like the song is actually going to start and I really liked that part, but after that, at bar 117, it turns into a cheesy pop song.

I don't know how to say that really, but this song is just completely standard in every way, nothing special, but nothing bad either. You haven't used a single hammer on, pull off, slide and bend in that song, the solo is just some lame scale picking without any character and feel to it, on top of that over a generic chord progression.

I don't know what to make of this song really. You had some nice riffs and melodies in there but unfortunately you didn't follow that.

The song itself will work for what it is though, I just don't like the whole concept of it.

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It's way too long and repetitive. Either cut off some of the length or make it more varied. Everything was repeated, as another person said. It'd be more enjoyable if there was more variety. The second half was... dull, to say the least. Try to make it less boring at parts.