I have an ibanez S5470 but I would really like the be able to change the wiring the true duo bucker wiring from the SV series. I'd really like to be able to play clean with this guitar, something which isn't really possible at the moment because of the imensely powerful pickups which have quite a low frequency response.

I looked on the ibanez site and found out that I need a new pickup selector and a twelve pin pot but I can't find either anywhere, the site gives a list of part numbers but nowhere to purchase them from. I asked my local guitar dealer to give ibanez a call but he said the only way he could get them was in four months time with the next shipping and that he had absoloutly no idea how much it would cost as it would have to be shipped all the way from japan.

So I kinda contemplated the idea of having a double tap instead, using both pots but then I realised that it would be more of a pain to switch from single to humbucking, I have no idea how to wire for it since the way the pickups switch combination is quite complicated and that I also still have to get the new pickup selector which if I'm going to get it I may as well get the 12 pin pot with it too, leaving me with another possible pot to do things with.

Does anyone know where I could get these parts? (sorry for the long post)
Ever consider an alternative? No way your pickups are more output than EMG's or Barenuckles, and just by turning the volume knob down, amazing cleans are produced.

As for a pickup selector, hows that going to change the way your pickups sound? I thought tone pots did that. So what I would do is rig up a toggle switch to switch between pots or something, one being a higher value pot, the other being the stock one.

I don't have a damn clue what I'm talking about, but its an idea.
Derp..wut? I find the Short Tracer single (and the halves of the humbuckers used with ST) to have quite nice cleans... Are you sure you need to do such modifications?
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For passive pickups they are very high output, I know the short tracer sounds nice but I'd ideally like to be able to use the whole guitar like a strat. The reason why I'm really wanting to do this is because I can still have it function exactly the same way as it did when I bought it, since it works identical to the original untill you pull the pot.

As for the pickup selector, what makes it special is that the true duo system when enaged uses the outer coils of the humbucker. Normally when some out the coils are cut (2nd and 4th position), it uses the inner coils. If I were to simply put coil taps on the existing wiring to cut out the inner coils then I would loose the 2nd and 4th positions with them all only being able to use the middle pickup.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce7BCAO6QtU here's a link to the SV demo on youtube with Larry Mitchell, I know the SV has different pickups and stuff but there is a definite change in sound going from humbucking to single coil, you should hear a change no matter what pickups are installed (I think the neck pickup in single coil mode sounds awsome and very strat like). I think the versatality would be a really nice addition to this guitar, I think it really does sound great.

I'll post a link to the wiring pdf, just need to find it first -------> http://www.ibanez.com/support/wiring/2008/SV5470.pdf

Edit: sorry about the dead url, I'll upload the file from my computer to rapidshare

Ok, here's the new and hopefully working link http://rapidshare.com/files/322216042/SV5470.pdf.html
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