I have a project called D/A/D that is inspired by everything 1980s, from the music to the pop culture, to the fashion to the attitudes. Musically, D/A/D is influenced by 1980s film scores, specifically by types such as Jan Hammer or Giorgio Moroder, but is it also influenced by 80s synth pop and shred. I include a lot of guitar that's reminiscent of the 80s obsession ith just a great ripping solo. It has a lot of dance influence too, so if you're into any modern retro electro artists such as Kavinsky, Danger, or Miami Horror, you might enjoy this too.

I just released my first EP, "Super Motives," for free download and you can download it here Super Motives. Since I released it last month, it's been featured on several blogs and if your interested you can read an interview I gave here

Also check out my myspace at www.myspace.com/dadelectro
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