so yeah my only means of recording right now is video so check it out. its just something i came up with last night before bed. im not sure what im going to do with it. i might just keep it as is and not add words. i have another instrumental i did a while ago. i think maybe ill open a CD with that one and then end it with this one or something like that. feel free to check out my other songs on there. most are song ideas with solos but no vocals yet.

anyways, thanks
My first impression early in the song is that it sounds like from an old western movie. Definitely good sounding, I like this kind of music and yours is very chilling and enjoyable. I could listen to this on my mp3 for hours, while walking across Texas or something

I say you should definitely keep it as an instrumental piece. Very nice.
thanks. i guess it might have a sort western feel to it although i wasnt going for that. ill take it though. might be the slide work that does it.
wow, i must say that was very good. your style is very unique and doesn't sound like most guitarists do. it seemed to take me on a journey as if the song was telling a story. a little after the three minute mark it got extra trippy which i loved. maybe try doing more of that kind of stuff and make it more intense. i also thought you ended each musical statement on very interesting notes which was what created the trippy vibe for me.something i thought could have used some work was at times the lead didn't pare up well with the rhythm however that was just at certain parts. most of it fit very well.

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1246494 - there's my latest draft of a song i wrote if you feel kind enough to critique it.
thanks that means a lot. i dont think my style is very unique. well maybe this kind of stuff is though. ive been trying out new things lately. mostly because its just me without a band im trying to get the most out of the guitar. so ive been trying to create musical landscapes or whatever you want to call it.

which parts did you think didnt fit? some of it might have been on purpose. i was kind of going for a struggle between the nice sounding stuff and the darker sounding stuff. so in some parts in the start, you can hear some dissonant notes and during the heavier parts you can hear some happier sounding things in the background.