So I've been playing guitar for around 5 years now and I finally want to get into some recording/mixing/demo-ing. The only thing is.. I don't know anything about anything when it comes to this topic! I don't even know where to begin! I could use some advice about what to get and how to do it. Thanks all!
It's a very large topic. I'd suggest to get a book on this. No, really. I'm serious, do it.

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Get a mic with a usb cord and download audacity. Its free, just download it and experiment with it and you should start to get the jist of recording.
honestly man, i've been looking into recording for a month or so now and still have no idea what to get. Lots of different people have different approches. Some use a mic and audacity. Some using 4 track or 8-track recorders. Some have a mass amount of eqipment. Im still searching for something that gives a really great quality recording that is reasonabley light on the pocket .
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so your questions is about the main idea or what gear to get??