I am trying to build my own pedal. I found some schematics and i understand some of it. What I need to know is how do i know what parts i need? and how do i know how to wire it. do i use a pcb board or do i just wire it? anything you can tell me about it will help
a pcb will be a good idea but you can get something like a copper strip board which should do the same, on the schematic you should see all the parts you need
do i just look at the numbers and those are the part numbers or what?
they should be the values of the componets and the symbols next to them are the part, you can find a list of all the internation symbols on the web
that sounds more like a resistor as capacitors are generally lower numbers, there should also be an odd symbol next to each number, if you look the symbol up you should find what the part is
The first step is being able to actually understand what you're looking at on a Schematic. At this point, it seems like maybe you don't fully understand what you're looking at.

If you want to move forward with a build, I would highly, highly suggest getting a kit and building onto a PCB with a layout and detailed instructions. You may be getting in over your head with just a schematic.
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so then i just take the parts and then put them on a copper strip board?
No. For starters, I'd say look at some BYOC kits. If you can get those working, and actually understand what you did to get them working, your knowledge will be a lot better so you can build pedals on stripboard or whatever from just a schematic.

Now, you'd first have to convert the schematic into a layout and I don't think you'll be able to do that.

And I'd reccomend that you not go from a schematic for your first build. Tonepad.com and GeneralGuitarGadgets.com have some good plans, and GGG has kits.
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