Hey, I'm looking to buy an octave pedal in the near future, just looking for some ideas. I currently only have $130 to spend, but would like to buy two pedals, if at all possible. The first thing I'm looking for is an octave, and the second would most likely be a chorus pedal.

Been looking at the MXR Blue Box, and I like it, but the reviews are kind of up in the air

Also looked at the Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer. I like that one as well.

Boss OC-3 Super Octave.

Those are the only three I've actually had a chance to try out. Any suggestions would be very helpful. In the end I'll take the list and try everything to see which I like the most, but I need a list first.
The EHX Micro POG is the best octave pedal I've ever used...tracks 100% all of the time.
i own an MXR Blue Box... I love it alot.. but i love for what it does only. You cant play chords and stuff because its ni polyphonic. just single notes.. but the sound is great, and if ur buyin one get the one with the green pcb so you can mod it to fix the volume loss with humbuckers
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had the OC-3 for years, never EVER used it... traded it in for a micro POG, and I use it ALL of the time. Does octave up and Octave down (which you said you wanted). Does single notes, does chords, does it all nice. Throw a fuzz on either side and you got some cool noises (fuzz before causes a bit of a glitchy tone, but i like it)
I'm honestly after something a little bit...quirky? I'm really liking the blue box, just because it seems so random at points that it could be fun to play with.

Thanks for all the input.
I mean, if you want something that isn't a clean octave, and something a bit more chaotic, then maybe the blue box is for you.

Many people who want an octave pedal want something that will shift their note down with minimal glitching and without distorting their signal. But that's not always the preference, of course.

Also think about a Boss PS-3, if you want to spend more. It has an octave down, as well as A LOT more.
what about an octave fuzz? I'm looking at the Dunlop Octavio and the fulltone Octafuzz, so far I like the Octavio better. Any other suggestions?
POG are awesome! but pricey.

If you want something more random, the blue box would do that great!
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