you should be able to do it yourself but you may want the hole filled, and for that you would need to take it to a luthier
Throwing this out there.... why?! If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.... just saying. Just leave it in.
Otherwise, yeah you can just rip it out... might create some noise problems potentially IIRC.
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it's not too hard to get it out, but you'd have to think about your toggle switch. without a middle pickup you would either have to not use the middle setting or have it soldered to switch between bridge - bridge/neck - neck. why don't you want it in there?

oh and as far as buying other stuff, you don't have to worry too much about covering it up...
I took out the neck pickup in my sg and just used black tape to cover the hole
1. if its a problem of the single coil getting in the way, just lower it way down

2. if you take it out, as has been said before, it could affect the elctronics as a whole and cause your other pickups to sound different

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