these are the specs im looking for
20-40 watt combo tube amp
closed back
effects loops
does metal

im looking for a metallica type tone, 80s metal not numetal
my budget is around 900 bucks
i play in my room through emgs, and hopefully jamming soon

pls dont suggest blackstar ht-5 or peavey 6505
used Mesa Mk2C+, Mk3, Mk4 or dual/single recto if you want 80s metal
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Quote by sebaimans
pls dont suggest blackstar ht-5 or peavey 6505
I like your style.

I'd suggest a second-hand Bogner Alchemist. It's awesome for a darker thrash tone. Maybe it's a little too dark or not quite 'hard' enough for you, but the option of picking up on a nice overdrive pedal to add a new tonal character and push the valves even harder is always there.

Maybe a used Randall RM50. You can choose any modules you like. I'm not very experienced with them though, so check somewhere else for that.

Marshall DSL401. Nothing special but worth noting.

I think they make a 40 watt Peavey Triple XXX. Maybe they are hard to find but check ebay.

Mesa Boogie F-30 with an OD pedal. I can't say I've tried this in a long time. I really can't remember how much gain I could get out of it.

VHT/Fryette Pitbull 40. Supposed to be an awesome amp. They go for solid prices second-hand these days, even though it's a discontinued model.

Laney GH50L. I know it's 50 watts but well worth it.

Used Soldano Astroverb. This might be out of your budget. It doesn't have as much gain as other Soldano's, but it still rips.

It's hard to find a 20-40 high gain amp at that budget.
sorry but you are getting it haha! 6505 or original 5150!
why not suggest it!?!?! they originated out of the 80's for metal.
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