Anyone else drop these bad boys into a strat? I got them last year and didnt care for the tone. They sounded too undefined and "cold" for my ears. But they've come to grow on me. The bridge pickup sounds kinda trebley but with some EQ'ing, it can get a nice crunchy sound.

The strat I'm using isnt a Fender. Its an SX 62 neck with a SX 57 body, which is noticeably heavier than most Fenders. With single coils, I think its good to have that light Fender body for punchy tone. But with buckers it's probably better to have a heavier wood.

So lately I find myself playing the SX guitar much more than my Fender Deluxe strat (with singles). The rail pickups have really grown on me. Anyone else feel the same?

Here's a Rush medley demonstrating the sound of the Lil Killers

I know my playing sucks, by the way. Lets keep the discussion on the pickups
I have one 15k one. I had it in a strat but the project was unplayable so I didn't get much time with it, however I'm getting a strat styled guitar soon I plan to drop it in. Sounds fine to me.
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