so ive been able to record amazing tones for acoustic/clean guitar for some time now, but i cant get a good distortion when i record into my macbook (line-in method), i have a digitech pedal which i use for some effects, ive used the horrible distortion presets on garageband...but i can't seem to get a good rock/metal sounding distortion...

ive been looking at buying the POD 3X or whatever its called, but would it really make a difference? if not, what advice does anyone have..i understand its only a macbook, but there has to be a setup to get a better tone

You need an audio interface. The macbook sound card is not meant for recording. Do you have a budget of any kind?
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I've come across this same issue with my macbook and my Korg AX3000 pedal. The macbook itself is not producing the tone problem, it's how you're getting the signal into the computer.

I've found that the tone digital pedals produce sound much better through an amp than directly into a digital recording device. Try mic'ing your amp and recording that signal instead of straight out of the pedal into the computer. That's the only way I can get the right sound out of my setup.

I regularly use my macbook/garageband to record off a live sound board and this is the only way I've been able to get good tone from any guitarist. The house amps are designed to not color the sound in any way, so you can get a very thin sound out of a guitar. If you're using a DI out of your pedal and sending one output to a board (or macbook) and one to an amp (monitor) you won't hear what the board (or mac) is hearing.
Led man32,

yea, i have a good budget to buy equipment, but i was hoping not too spend much since its mainly for home recording...what do you have in mind?

thanks ex1jdh, ill try that out when i get home...u think the macbook internal microphone would work? or you suggest something else
The macbook internal mic is a POS, it's like 3mm wide. Use something like a Shure SM57. It'll turn out much better than you thought.